August 2017

Otti Kiraly

Otti Kiraly instructs German I and German II classes at the Hayward Area Senior Center every Tuesday afternoon.  Her classes are very popular. She is very dedicated and reliable and has rarely missed a day in the last 7 years that she has volunteered.  Otti is an excellent instructor, the fact that her classes are near maximum capacity is a testament to her ability and popularity.

Learning  a second language is exciting and beneficial at all ages.  It promotes  brain health, opens new opportunities for travel and leisure and the  exploration of new cultures.  Her students describe her as  knowledgeable, enthusiast, dedicated and thorough.  She is low spoken,  but when you enter her classroom all eyes are on her and she has  everyones undivided attention.  Otti has been instructor for over 7  years now and there is no sign of her classes slowing down.


In addition to Otti volunteering on a regular basis to instruct the German classes, she also does special presentations at the Senior Center’s Special Events.  These events attract nearly 100 people and she has presented on the origins of Oktoberfest at the Oktoberfest Special Luncheon.  At the last Heritage and Diversity Festival she gave an overview of Germany and a report of its culture. Also, Otti often enhances her classes with movies and special foods from Germany.