Jewelry, Textiles, and more

Jewelry Making
Below are sample classes taught at Adobe Art Center. For specific class offerings, please see our Recreation Guide.

The beginning class starts with a generic quilt and continues with a sampler, either traditional or modern. The intermediate class will work their own projects and/or class projects, using various techniques, such as appliqué, piecing, embellishment, strip piecing, and so on.

Floral Design for Weddings  
Learn the general techniques used to create wedding decorations with fresh flowers including corsages, wedding bouquets, altar arrangements, and cake decorations. 

Jewelry Casting  
Learn the basics while we discuss wax work, settings for gem stones, designing, polishing and finishing and the correct use of tools. We will also cover kiln loading, firing and unloading with emphasis on casting precious metals. Please bring any metal & gemstones you already own along with sketches, designs, drawings and tools to class with you.