Spring Show

Spring Show
Exhibition Dates: 
May 14 – June 25, 2016

Gallery Hours: 
Thursday through Saturday, 11am – 3pm

 Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

Artists Reception:
Saturday, May 14, 1pm-3pm. The Public is invited! Event is free.

A beautiful and eclectic exhibit awaits you at the Adobe Gallery! This is an absolutely wonderful exhibit from the community artists. Mediums represented include various paints (oil, watercolor, acrylic and wax based ceracolors), mixed media, assemblage, fabric, book arts, photographs (all so different!), assemblage, and clay. Styles, content and mood are as varied as all of us – Abstracts, minimalist, classic representational, fanciful, whimsical, moving and humorous. Flowers, portraiture, monkeys, purple deer, an even a survival kit…

Exhibiting Artists:
Hollie Adamic, Barbara Andreasen, Hetal Anjaria, Kay Athos, Ellen Bailey, Anna Bay, Michael Belew, Tanna Bellia, Barbara Berrner, Carol Jones Brown, Nick Calarco, Catherine S. Carroll, Attila Cziglenyi, Tamara Danoyan, Philip Denst, Molly Dolly, Patricia Doyne, Don Drake, Allen Fletcher, James Fonseca, Dorothy Gantenbein, Dmitry Grudsky, Richard Gunn, Mercie Harris, Juanita Hemanes, Kin Hsieh, Pam Hutchins, Nancy Jacobson, Natalie Juntz, Niambi Kee, Nina C. Kindblad, Maria Koo-Gin, Cindy Lee, Bev Lindsay, Ann Maloney-Mason, Ethel Whitfield Morgan, Janice Moulton, Linda Muammar, Al Murdach, Jann Noddin, James Ong, Edward Ortman, Gail Otvos, Maria Luisa Penaranda, Carolyn Pope, Zlata Rabinovich, Maybelle Rasmussen, Stevie Ray, Joanne Ricketts, James Sayre, Janice Schafir, Christa Schanda, Madeline Shelby, Lynne Shephard, Loretta Siegel, Stanley Stadelman, Ruey Syrop, Alani Taira, Gerald Thompson, L. Renea Turner, Doyle Wegner and Robert Wolff