A.R.T. Inc Members Exhibit 2015

Exhibition Dates: 
January 17 – February 28, 2015

Gallery Hours: 
Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 11am – 3pm

 Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

Artists Reception:
Saturday, January 17, 2015 – 1pm – 3pm    The public is invited.  Admittance is free.

Exhibiting Artists:
Myriam Espinosa Aguirre, Kay Athos, Marge Barta Atkins, Rochelle Ball, Dorothy Beardslee, Barbara Berrner, Virginia Bourassa, Carol Jones Brown, Nick Calarco, Eugene Cerelli, Atilla Cziglenyi, Lauren Cotter, Philip Denst, Jim Fonseca, Richard Geiger, Mercie Harris, Arnold Clayton Henderson, Amiee Johnson, Shannon M. E. Jurich, Wanda Worthington Kersey, Nina C. Kindblad, Nicole Leming, Bev Lindsay, Ann Maloney-Mason, Mark Mertens, Ingrid Moller, Janice Moulton, Al Murdach, Jon Nesseth, Patra Rae Nesseth-Steffes, Edward Ortman, Terry Preston, Maybelle Rasmussen, Peg Robinson, Susan Sarti, Christa Schanda, Sarah E. Schneider, Daphne Serafino, Madeline Shelby, Lynne Shephard, Christine Shimizu, Winda I. Shimizu, Veronica D. Silva, George Spence, Stan Stadelman, Ruby Stanton, Nancy Starr, Gerald Thompson, Winifred Thompson, Bianca Tummings, Tracy Vinzant, Georgia Whitaker, Robert Wolff

Awards of Merit:

Strikingly Powerful Shapes Award:
Lynne Shephard, Bird’s-Eye View, acrylic
Lines and Color Award:
Eugene Cerelli, Laundry Day – Portofino, Italy, digital photography
Picasso-ish Fun Award:
Ingrid Moller, The Swimmer, clay
Witty Brush Work Award:
Richard Geiger, Grey No. 1, acrylic
Tranquil Mood Award:  
Nick Calarco, Xiging Lake, Guilin China, photography
Atmospheric Beauty Award:
Georgia Whitaker, Sun Peaking Through the Fog, acrylic
From Specific to Vague Award:
Nicole Leming, Wishful Thinking, oil
Ingenuity Award:  
Christa Schanda, Tango, acrylic

Juror Award sponsored by Benny Alba:

Kay Athos, Wanderlust, acrylic

Honorable Mention
Susan Sarti, Busy, Busy, Busy Day, acrylic
Amiee Johnson, Excursion, oil on canvas
Mercie Harris, Zen Mind, acrylic
Bev Lindsay, Pines of Monterey, acrylic
Stan Stadelman, Across The River, watercolor

Judge Benny Alba returns to judge at the Adobe! Benny Alba is a Bay Area artist.  Over the past 20 years, Ms. Alba has shared her imagery in over 170 solo and innumerable group exhibitions mostly in the United States, often at colleges, universities and museums. She has been awarded numerous Awards and Commissions. Ms. Alba originally attended Kent State, majoring in English, then later attend the University of Michigan to earn a BA degree in Psychology. Her life is “full as a career artist, teacher and appreciator of other’s art.”

“Every work that I create has challenge to myself in it. That challenge may be the size of the art, the materials used, the colors and their combinations, the shapes, the symbols and/or the message that I intend to convey."

Judge’s Statement:  “Honored to return to the Adobe Art Gallery as an award judge, I was pleased to see so many artists’ endeavors. Some say that there’s “nothing new under the sun”. I beg to differ — there’s always a new interpretation of Art; an expression by the person creating an art work that charms, educates and interests the viewer. Thank you for inviting me to be part of the process.” –  Benny Alba

More information is available at: www.bennyalba.com

The Adobe Gallery thanks A.R.T. Inc. for their continuing volunteer support.