Exhibition Dates: 
May 10 – June 14, 2014

Gallery Hours: 
Thursday through Saturday, 11am – 3pm. And by appointment.

 Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

Artists Reception:
Saturday, May 10, 2014, 1-3pm. Reception is free and open to the public.

The local artist community, artists celebrate and honoring the unclothed human form in this beautiful and varied exhibit.

Features work by:
Miriam Espinosa Aguirre, Steven S. Bales, Bette Barnes, Larry Bendoski, Catherine S. Carroll, Harry Chen, Philip Denst, Jerry Eady, Allen Fletcher, Jeanne Frost, Cecil Gertz, Richard Gunn, Mercie Harris, Pam Hutchins, Robert A. Kato, Andrew Kong Knight, Lillian Lees, Nicole Leming, Annette Lerch, Philip Long, John Mallon, Ann Maloney-Mason, Ray McGinnis, Mollie McKenzie, Mark Mertens, Luis Mieses, Helene Miscovich, Lourdes Morante-Mieses, Allison Murdach, Jon Nesseth, Lynne Prather, Peg Robinson, James Sayre, Christa Schanda, Anne Shulenberger, Larry Sovinsky, Alani Taira, Terayuth Ngamvilaipun, Doyle Wegner, Andrew Wells, Vivi Wiitala and Robert Wolff