Portraits at the Adobe

Exhibition Dates:  
May 31 – July 9, 2011

Gallery Hours:
Mon. thru Thurs., 9am–12noon & 2pm–4pm; Fri. & Sat., 11am – 3pm

 Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

Artists Reception:
Saturday, June 4, 2011 – 1pm – 3pm. The public is invited. Admittance is free.

The Adobe Art Gallery is proud to present Portraits at the Adobe. Area artists have created an intriguing exhibit through their expressive portraits of themselves, friends, lovers, family, heroes, pets and more. Media is as varied as the subjects and include oil, watercolor, pastels, photographic prints – traditional and alternative, ink, pencil, charcoal, bronze and even leather mosaic. Artists include veteran exhibitors, first timers, art educators, and professional artists. 

Exhibiting Artists:  
Hollie Adamic, Kathleen A. Ball, Rosa Bazzani, Larry Bendoski, Barbara Berrner, Laura Castillo, Bonnie Crosse, Attila Cziglenyi, Pushpa Dalal, Tamara Danoyan, Philip Denst, Elizabeth Eady, Jerry Eady, Andrea Ewald, Allen Fletcher, Dorothy Gantenbein, Valerie Goldman, Richard Gunn, Shawn Harris, Peggy L. Harris, Frank Jankowski, Rob Jankowski, Robert Kato, Todd Leonardo, Philip Long, Ann Maloney-Mason, Jan Matsuoka, Mollie McKenzie, Mark G. Mertens, Charles Moehle, Patra Nesseth-Steffes, Aphra Pia, Steve Platt, Meggi Raeder, Maybelle Rasmussen, Eleonora Ronconi, Rick Saal, Christa Schanda, Winda Shimizu, Matthew Shimizu, Barbara Swan, Sonia Underdown, Larry D. White, Linda Willis, Robert Wolff, Kathy Zanger, Marco Zecchin & Zoe Zecchin.