33rd Area Artists’ Annual Juried Exhibit

Exhibition Dates: 
October 9–October 28, 2010

Gallery Hours: 
Monday thru Thursday, 9am–12noon and
2pm–4pm; and Saturday, 11am–3pm

Location: Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

Artists Reception:
Saturday, October 9, 2010, 1pm - 3pm

Over 100 people enjoyed Saturday’s 33rd Area Artists’ Annual Juried Exhibit opening reception on Saturday, October 9 at the Adobe. 
The following awards were announced:

Awards of Merit ($150)
Kay Athos, Memory, oil
Michael Belew, Elephant Ear Leaves #12, archival digital print
Attila Cziglenyi, Joy’s Boatyard, oil
Dorothy Gantenbein, Rain Wall, photograph – gum pigment print
Glenn Hemanes, Untitled, kingwood
James Prokes, Fox Ridge Sketch, oil

Honorable Mentions
Christofer Aven, Untitled 2, watercolor & acrylic
Kathleen A. Ball, Redemption of the Fallen Ones, clay
Edna Bingham, Mauna Kea, Hawaii Kallitype photography
Philip Denst, In The Park, acrylic
Patricia Devitt, Pomegranates, oil
Curtis Griffin, Palm Grove, zone plate, archival pigment print
Juanita D. Hemanes, Cone Shell, radiography
Rob Holmes, Taylor Creek, watercolor
Betty Loeffler, Untitled 1, monotype
Diane Higgins, Pier at Waikiki, oil

Mona Froyland Award Winner ($100) sponsored and selected by the Mona Froyland Family
Rene Clair, Upper Crust, mixed media/pen & ink

Exhibiting Artists:
Annette Lerch, Attila Cziglenyi,  Barbara Berrner, Betty Loeffler, Bev Lindsay, Brian Thomas, Brook Miller, Carol Jones Brown, Carol Van Steenberg, Christa Schanda, Christofer Aven, Chuck Potter, Curtis Griffin, Diane Higgins, Diane Williams ,Dorothy Gantenbein, Edna Bingham, Ellen King, Gary Comoglio, Glenn Hemanes, Helene  Miscovich, Helene Yu-June Rice, Hollie  Adamic, Ingrid Moller, James Prokes, Jerry Eady,  John Finneran, Juanita D. Hemanes, Kathleen A. Ball, Kay Athos, Kristen Egan, Larry D. White, Linda Lee Fribley, Linda Longinotti, Madeline Mischo Shelby, Maria Luisa Penaranda, Marjorie Barta Atkins, Mark Mertens, Maybelle H. Rasmussen, Michael Belew, Michael Bingham, Mike Thompson, Nick Calarco, Patra Rae Nesseth-Steffes, Patricia Devitt, Paul Conrad, Philip Denst, Rene Clair, Rob Holmes, Susan Hersch, Susan Sarti, Tom Coupe and Zeneida Lambertus

CONGRATULATIONS! to ALL artists.  The Area Artists’ Annual Juried Exhibit received 128 entries from which 71 pieces were selected to exhibit.