California Society of Printmakers | Printing from Perception


Exhibition Dates:
May 20–June 26, 2010

Gallery Hours:
Monday thru Thursday, 9am–12noon and 2pm–4pm; and Saturday, 11am–3pm

Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

The California Society of Printmakers exhibition Printing From Perception: observing minute details and grand gestures captures a variety of subjects and techniques available to contemporary printmakers who continue to use traditional materials. Where some artists work in a very controlled manner, observing minute details about their subject and surroundings, others work in a more gestural manner, creating an impression of their environment.

The California Society of Printmakers (CSP) is a non-profit arts organization which promotes the practice and appreciation of fine art printmaking, and is a focus of activity for print artists, helping to maintain the integrity and identity of the art of printmaking. It provides a home for artists interested in preserving traditional printmaking techniques as well as for artists interested in exploring new directions in printmaking. Founded in 1912, the CSP is the oldest continuously operating printmaking society in the United States.