May 2017

Ms. Laura Kenny

Ms. Laura Kenny an eight-year volunteer for the Sulphur Creek Nature Program is the May Volunteer of the Month.  Ms. Kenny works in the wildlife hospital assisting staff in cleaning cages, feeding baby birds, caring for bats, and assessing the overall care needed for our resident animals as well as those in for rehabilitation for a total of 1346 hours over 8 years. She is an amazing photographer and has worked closely with Oliver Klink on animal photoshoots at Sulphur Creek. In addition, she has helped to support fundraising efforts at the Center by providing many of her photos for silent auctions and raffles.

Ms. Kenny has shown great dedication to our program as she successfully completed Docent Training in 2009 and Continuing Education courses in both animal care and education in subsequent years.  She has also taken the time to attend several California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators conferences that occur all over state. Sulphur Creek Nature Center benefits from the commitment and dedication of Ms. Kenny and would like to thank her for the 1,300 hours in her 8-1/2 years as a volunteer with Sulphur Creek.