March 2017

Randy Vanderbilt & Lucille Lorge

Randy Vanderbilt and Lucille Lorge are the keepers of all that is Castro Valley History and came to the District with a proposal to host a visual history exhibit at the Adobe Art Gallery. Randy & Lucille met with District staff on a monthly basis, for 11 months to design and execute the exhibit, plan school tours and youth activities centered around the exhibit.  

Lucille spent countless hours preparing historic memorabilia, articles, pictures, legal papers, on display boards accompanied by written history. She prepared a docent tour of the exhibit and scheduled volunteer docents to lead school tours and be available for general gallery hours.


Randy Vanderbilt prepared and edited a 20-minute video “Cruising the Boulevard” weaving hundreds of clips together and added sound, music and voice-over creating an entertaining documentary of Castro Valley History.  Randy also prepared a crossword puzzle based on the exhibit which engaged school kids and adults alike and was a huge hit.

We hosted over sixteen 3rd – 5th grade classrooms exposing over 375 of our local school children to the history of Castro Valley.   The Adobe Art Gallery had over 300 of the general public visit the gallery to see this exhibit.  We added 35 people to our mailing list, collected over $400 in donations and are still experiencing people coming to the Adobe Art Center and Gallery saying they heard about us because of the history exhibit.