January 2017

Mark Goddin

Mark Goddin has been a volunteer at Sulphur Creek Nature Center for about 9 years and has donated close to 1300 hours of his time.

Mark comes in every Saturday morning (not always an easy task for a young adult!) to help with a variety of chores in the wildlife hospital. One of the many jobs he performs involves the cleaning and feeding of our Lending Library animals as well as the Breeding Colony. He is instrumental in making sure that our Lending Library program runs smoothly during the busiest rental day of the week. The line for pet rentals can be pretty intense on these mornings as some kids have their heart set on a particular critter and can be so disappointed when they see the family in front of them walk away with the animal they wanted.

In addition to his regular duties, Mark is always willing to jump in and take care of anything that needs to be done; from providing animals in residence as well as the animals in rehab with fresh food and water to helping care for the dozens of baby birds that all need to be fed in a timely manner. He is always there to lend a hand. Another event that Mark has helped with is the annual Unhaunted House. He is wonderful working with teenagers and helping to oversee the games run smoothly and ensure that kids are having a fun Halloween experience.

Mark is truly an asset to the nature program and to the park district. Always calm and relaxed, no matter how chaotic a Saturday morning it might be. He has proven himself reliable, hardworking and extremely fun to work with.  Staff is grateful to not have any worries on a Saturday morning in knowing that Mark will be here, and everything will get done and be done well.