November 2016

Patsy Owens

Ms. Patsy Owens has been a volunteer at the Hayward Area Senior Center for nearly 10 years.

Patsy works at the front desk every Tuesday afternoon, greeting customers, answering the phones, making appointments, confirming appointments and happily completing any other tasks that staff may request. 

Patsy has a very colorful attire and attitude; it brings great joy the seniors who come into the Senior Center. They often comment on how nice she looks and her beautiful clothes, hats and jewelry.

Patsy’s personality is just as colorful and upbeat as her fashion and this goes a long way to make the seniors who come in also feel upbeat and in a good mood. 

Patsy volunteers approximately 15 hours per month. Often Patsy works extra shifts as she fills in for other volunteers. She is very proud to work at the Hayward Area Senior Center; quickly knowing the amount of years she’s been volunteering at the Hayward Area Senior Center.