August 2016

Joan Lewis

Joan Lewis volunteers her time as a educational  docent at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center.  She has donated over 1700 hours since she started volunteering in 2007.  She assists the naturalist staff with Toddler Time programs, nature classes, school programs, fairs and festivals, after school programs (at MJCC), the disabled adult outreach classes through the CARH and WACE programs in addition to special Storytelling events (Stories Under the Oaks and at the Unhaunted House).  She is trained in handling many of our resident animals, works very well with the public, and is especially sensitive to the needs of young children and seniors.

Minane Jameson and Joan Lewis accepting her award
Joan is a real treasure to this center in that she also brings her profession nursing skills of  kindness, inclusiveness and gentleness to not just the programs here at HARD, but to everyone and every critter at Sulphur Creek. She is well respected, loved and appreciated by all of the staff, volunteers, and critters at Sulphur Creek.