June 2016

Anne-Marie Tucker

Anne-Marie Tucker is the June Volunteer of the Month in recognition for her support to the Sulphur Creek Nature Center. Ms. Anne-Marie volunteers in the Sulphur Creek wildlife hospital cleaning cages, overseeing care of the rodent colony and the Animal Leading Library animals along with anything else that needs to be done in the kitchen.  She also works with our naturalist staff leading education programs, going out on rest home programs, after school programs (at MJCC), nature programs for the East Avenue Camps, and special events. She is trained in handling many of our resident animals and works very well with the public. 

Anne-Marie is one of our go-to volunteers who is ready and willing to volunteer for every job that we need her for and always goes into these tasks with 100% effort and enthusiasm. She works well with kids and adults of all ages and is an excellent representative of HARD. 

Anne-Marie Tucker with her husband Clark
Anne-Marie Tucker, pictured with her husband, Clark Tucker.