July 2015

Laura Stull

Ms. Laura Stull has been volunteering for the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District since 1985. Looking back on her history of volunteer service, it is amazing at the number of District-wide special events Laura has been involved in. Her first special event was the Hayward Half Marathon in 1985. She went on to volunteer at the Battle of the Bands, the un-Haunted House, Teen Idol, the Flea Market and Sorensdale Recreation Center dances.

Laura has recently signed up to volunteer in the Special Needs Program at Sorensdale Recreation Center on a regular basis. Her job duties include helping with organizing the Treasure Chest Thrift Store and pouring molds and helping students paint projects in the ceramics classes. Helping with the ceramics program is great for the students as they can be creative, artistic and submit items to the Alameda County Fair.