February 2012

Mark Sandfort
Mr. Mark Sandfort has been selected for the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award for February 2012.  He has been an amazing volunteer at Sulphur Creek Nature Center since 2006 and has donated over 1,400 volunteer hours since becoming a volunteer.          

He volunteers every Monday afternoon to help with animal care, which involves feeding resident birds, resident mammals, all the reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates in the Discovery Center, and the rehabilitation animals that are in outside enclosures.  Mark also helps with the feeding of baby birds, putting the opossums, ducks and chickens away each night along with all the other closing activities.  He also jumps in and helps the hospital staff when needed, holding such things as red-tailed hawks or barnyard animals while they administer treatment.  Recently he had to hold numerous ducks while they were being tube fed, since we had over 330 ducks with botulism come through the hospital since last September. 

Volunteer of the Month Photo
On top of his regular volunteer duties, Mark has also taken it upon himself to manage our compost piles and worm bin.  The compost pile has allowed Sulphur Creek to reduce its garbage production by 50%.  Bags of shavings and animal manure are now composted instead of going into the dumpster and used to help fertilize our native gardens.  The worm bin struggled for years, primarily from neglect and lack of knowledge.  Since Mark took charge to oversee the care of these bins, they have never been so productive, which saves the District money on food for the animals at the Nature Center.  

Mark is reliable, hardworking and fun to work with.  The Nature Center staff knows that they have nothing to be concerned about on Monday and that everything will get done.  Mark Sandfort is truly an asset to the District and is very worthy of this volunteer honor.  Staff of the Nature Center is very proud to nominate him as recipient of the February 2012 Volunteer of the Month.