March 2012

Laura Jones
Ms. Laura Jones, a volunteer in the Special Needs Program at Sorensdale Recreation Center since 1984 has been selected for the March 2012 Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award.  Looking back on the history of Laura’s volunteer service, the number of District-wide special events that she has volunteered at is amazing; her first special event being the Hayward Half Marathon.  

In addition to her volunteer work on Special Events, Laura is very active and volunteers most of her time in the Special Needs Program.  She has chaperoned numerous community outings with the Saturday Youth Program.  When Sorensdale Center offered evening computer and exercise classes, Laura substituted when Staff called in sick or could not make it.  When a participant forgot to bring something for the overnight at Ward Creek Camp, Laura was there and always willing to bring whatever was needed down to camp. 

Jones, Laura VOM March 2012
She is an excellent baker and has baked for the Sorensdale Flea Market, the Holiday Boutique and all the dances at Sorensdale.  One of her most significant contributions was setting up the Treasure Chest Thrift Shop, where she spent many Saturdays putting it all together.       

Laura is a very unassuming, modest and hard-working individual who has given a great deal to the District and, in particular, Sorensdale Recreation Center, and is very deserving of the Board of Directors’ Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award.