July 2012

Ashley Linnekin
Ms. Ashley Linnekin was selected for the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award for July 2012 for her volunteer work in the East Avenue Camps where she has volunteered since 2011.  

Ashley “Peach” Linnekin was excited and honored to be notified that she was selected by her peers to be named Camp Volunteer for the summer.  “Peach” is one of Camp’s strongest supporters and her dedication and reliability is a model for others to emulate.  As Camp Staff describes her: 

 “Peach goes above and beyond to help other groups.  She’s just a peach!” “She’s willing to do anything asked and her patience for campers is boundless.” 

Peach also takes time to mentor younger Junior Counselors and her friendly attitude is noticed by all.  When asked to describe what she thinks about Camp, Peach replied:
  “When it’s a Camp week, it’s the only time I’m super-excited to wake up at 7:00 a.m.  It’s like going to a candy shop each day just waiting to see what great counselors and campers I will be working with that day!”  

We applaud Peach’s amazing commitment to Camp and thank her for her contributions!