Black-tailed Jackrabbit
Black-tailed Jackrabbit
Lepus californicus
These Jackrabbits are found in grassland and desert scrub habitats throughout the western United States. At the Hayward Shoreline they are seen in upland grassy areas where they eat grass and other greens. Adult jackrabbits are about two feet tall and can leap and zigzag away very quickly if disturbed.
Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse
Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse
Reithrodontomys raviventri
Salt marsh harvest mice live among pickleweed plants near upland marsh and eat plants and insects. Unlike many mice, they can tolerate high salt content in their food and water and can swim to escape high tides. Salt marsh harvest mice are found only in the salt marshes of San Francisco Bay and are listed as federally endangered due to critical habitat loss.

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