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Wetlands of the San Francisco Bay have a great diversity of native plants and animals that have adaptations which allow them to flourish in a sometimes harsh environment. They need to be able to grow where it is windy, the salt content of the water is variable, the tides can cover much of the land during high tide or leave it nearly empty at low tide, and the landscape is constantly changing due to sedimentation in some areas and erosion in others.

The flora and fauna described here are specific to the area between the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center and the San Leandro Marina, although you may find them in other Bay area wetlands. In addition to native plants and animals, listed here you will also find invasive and exotic species which have entered this habitat from far away places. Invasive plants and animals can outcompete native organisms for resources, which can displace animals who rely on the native plants.

The listing of plants and animals here focuses on the most commonly seen biota of the Hayward Shoreline. See below for more species information.

San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project

San Francisco Bay Area Wildlife

Department of Fish and Wildlife Nongame Wildlife Program

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