Public Information Office

The Public Information Office oversees the District's development, maintenance, coordination, and communication of public information. The Office is under the direction of the General Manager.
For more information about the Public Information Office, please contact the District Administration Office for assistance.


Hayward Area Recreation District is dedicated to promoting transparency and good governance in all its work. The district is committed to making documents easily available for the public and adopting policies and procedures that lead to good governance and financial prudence. Please find a subset of policies that aim to achieve this goal.

Compliance with the Ralph M. Brown ActHARD Board of Directors By-Laws
Public Records Request ActPublic Records Request Policy

Public Records Request Form
Reimbursement PolicyDistrict Travel and Expense Policy
Conflict of Interest PolicyCertification Conflict of Interest Code
Financial Reserve Policy
HARD Reserve Policy
Enabling ActAlameda County Enabling Act
State Controller's - Reported Board and Staff member compensationBoard and Staff Member Compensation
State Controller's - Special District Financial Data
State Controller's - Financial Data
State Controller's - Financial Transaction Report
State Controller's Financial Transaction Report
Board Reimbursement Overview
The Fiscal Year 2022 - Board Reimbursements 
Election/Appointment Procedures and Deadlines
Official Election Site of Alameda County 
Current Alameda County Elected Officials
Election Site of Alameda County - Elected Officials