March 2014

Debra Freeman
Ms. Debra Freeman started volunteering at Sorensdale Recreation Center only one year ago, but has made a great impact in a short time.   Fortunately for Sorensdale, Debra was lost in the neighborhood and came across the Thrift Shop sign and decided to stop at the store because she loves to bargain shop.

After learning about Sorensdale she expressed an interest in volunteering; and fortunately for the District, at that time there was a need for assistance with organizing the Thrift Shop and in the donation receiving room.  She loves having things neat and organized so her volunteering in the Thrift Shop was a perfect match.  Debra helps clean, organize, price items and even fixes broken items such as jewelry so it can be sold. 

Freman, Debra VOM 1403

Besides keeping the store in tip-top shape, Debra also helps out in different classes such as the exercise and fitness class, craft classes and in the kitchen.  Debra also volunteers for special events, such as dances – she’s right out on the dance floor dancing with students and having a ball.  The students and staff love Debra because of her positive attitude, contagious high energy and her willingness to do any job at Sorensdale.  Last year alone she volunteered 650 hours.

Recently, Debra was interviewed for the Sorensdale newsletter and the question was asked: ”Tell us one thing you dislike about volunteering at Sorensdale?”  Her answer was, “that I can’t take everyone home with me”.  This nicely sums up what a great attitude and positive energy she has!  Debra is a great asset to Sorensdale and the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District and is very deserving to receive the Board of Directors Volunteer of the Month Award.

Deborah’s picture will be displayed in the District Administration Office as the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Awardee for March 2014.  In addition, she will be eligible for the Volunteer of Year Award for 2014.