December 2013

Alexis-Marie Stoy
Ms. Alexis-Marie Stoy is an enthusiastic and hard working volunteer in the Volunteer Hayward Program.  Alexis-Marie is a mature senior at Redwood Christian High School in Castro Valley.  She first came to Volunteer Hayward during the 2012 holiday season.  She began helping with clerical items, such as typing, answering phones and other clerical duties, but she quickly expanded her duties, because of her willingness to take on additional tasks.  Her enthusiasm and eagerness to work had her volunteer with other programs and activities such as at the Hayward Senior Center, City of Hayward National Volunteer Week Celebrations, the Helping Hands event and the City of Hayward’s Community Engagement Open House.

During her time volunteering with Volunteer Hayward, she has made an enormous impact on the community.  Alexis-Marie will be ending her volunteer work after the 2013-14 school year to attend college.  She will be missed, but the staff at Volunteer Hayward looks forward to her growth academically and professionally.  Alexis is well deserving of the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award and we know she will excel in whatever she pursues and we thank her for her service.  Alexis is eligible for the Volunteer of the Year Award for 2013.