2012 Volunteer of the Year

Rene Gandolfi
There are so many wonderful volunteers in our District who give so much and deserve to be recognized as Volunteer of the Year, it is difficult to choose just one Volunteer of the Year, however it is a tradition and a decision that must be made. This year, there was one person who stood out: Dr. Rene Gandolfi, D.V.M.

Dr. Gandolfi has volunteered since 1987, and logged over 2,300 volunteer hours since becoming a volunteer.  He has been instrumental in giving to the District, particularly in the Nature Program, and has specialized training and a gift that he has chosen to share with HARD.  Dr. Gandolfi is a trained Veterinarian and has been instrumental in helping with the care that goes into the over 100 resident animals that live at Sulphur Creek, as well as the 800 injured, sick and orphaned nature wildlife that are brought in for rehabilitation each year. 
Rene Gandolfi
He has offered his veterinary skills free of charge to the District, has sponsored vaccines and medications required for the resident animals during their annual exams and has been on call for veterinary support for hundreds of wild animals. His services have also included X-rays, pathology tests, exams and even a variety of unusual surgeries. His latest feats have earned him our highest respect in that he took on the task of descenting, both Shadow and Penelope, resident skunks of Sulphur Creek, which necessitated shutting down his office.

The skills and services that Dr. Rene Gandolfi has provided to HARD through his care of animals at Sulphur Creek is an amazing gift. For 25 years he has worked to keep the resident animals healthy and has provided a second chance to the native wild animals we support. He is very worthy of this volunteer honor.

On behalf of the Hayward Area Recreation & Park District, the Board of Directors’ extends their sincere appreciation to Dr. Gandolfi for his hard work and dedication to the District’s Nature Program, and congratulates him as the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Awardee.