October 2013

John Thacker
Mr. John Thacker was awarded the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award for October 2013 for his volunteer service in the PhotoCentral Program for the past 3 years.

John has been a talented and dedicated PhotoCentral volunteer and has spent countless hours sitting the gallery, volunteering at openings, closings, gallery talks and hosting group tours of the gallery. His interest and skill in photography has led to a project culminating in a stunning PhotoCentral exhibit scheduled to open February 2014.

John has spent countless hours over the past year and a half in our digital lab and wet darkroom producing images from photographer Bill Owen’s Jamaica Peace Core work from 1964-1966 juxtaposed with John's current photographic work from Cuba. This is the first time Bill Owen's Jamaica work has been presented as a set since its premier fifty years ago. Bill has said while his previous work has world-wide notoriety, the Jamaica Peace Core work is the work of his heart - it changed his life.

John Thacker
While working on this project John has donated a printer, refurbished one of our current printers and donated $1,000 to the purchase of our new 44 inch large scale printer. He has designed digital printing profiles currently being used in our classes, workshops and open labs. Along with the images that will be hung in the exhibit John has painstakingly produced box sets with 19 images to be sold through PhotoCentral as a fundraiser for the program. John has produced over 1,000 work prints to get to the final, high-quality images. John has taken on the daunting task of this exhibit with gratitude, patience, great skill and dedication. Words cannot express how thankful we are to have John as a PhotoCentral volunteer.

John’s picture will be displayed in the District Administration Office as the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Awardee for October 2013. In addition, he will be eligible for the Volunteer of Year Award for 2013.