July 2013

Brendan Korbas
Brendan “Puppy Dawg” Korbas was awarded the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award for July 2013 for his volunteer service in the Summer Camp Program.

Brendan “Puppy Dawg” Korbas is a very dedicated and responsible volunteer Junior Counselor for Camps Tenderfoot and Potowatomi.  He loves animals, especially puppies!  As Junior Camp Counselor, Puppy Dawg is responsible for the care and well being of up to 12 summer day campers each week and for assisting the Camp Counselors and Camp Directors in many supportive and important ways.  Brendan leads camp activities, such as hiking, arts and crafts, singing, skits, and group games, and supervises campers to ensure they are safe AND having fun.

He is known to have large groups of campers around him because he is so very entertaining.  At the same time, Puppy Dawg knows how to be exceptionally professional when it comes to fulfilling his responsibilities.  As some of our counselors remarked:

Brendan Koarbas
 “He is able to balance his responsibilities with acting crazy with campers well.  Puppy Dawg has the perfect blend between being professional and being entertaining.”

Brendan is a leader amongst our volunteers.  With his very engaging and outgoing personality, campers are drawn to him. He is equally dedicated and helpful in supporting the Camp Counselors and the Directors in helping make Camp successful and is well-deserving of the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award. We applaud Brendan’s amazing commitment to Camp and thank him for his contributions!
His picture will be displayed in the District Administration Office as the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Awardee for July 2013.  In addition, he will be eligible for the Volunteer of Year Award for 2013.