March 2013

Veronica Jarequi
Ms. Veronica Jauregui was selected for the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award for March 2013 for her volunteer service in the Special Needs Program at Sorensdale Recreation Center.

Over the last two summers, Veronica volunteered five days per week, working with Recreation Specialist Brenda Fain in a variety of classes, including performing arts, literacy, current events, exercise and fitness, and library services. She took roll, played one-on-one games with students and lead small group academic activities. Her creative talents and artistic skills produced scenery for plays and talent shows, which were great additions to the performing arts class, from dance movements to costume design. She also helped students create crafts for the boutique, and besides volunteering in the day program, helped with the special event dances.

Veronica is dependable, on time and always ready to volunteer and take on a new challenge. She has exhibited an incredible amount of initiative and has contributed great ideas to Sorensdale Recreation Center. She relates well with the students and is liked by all students and staff.

Veronica Jauregui
Veronica is currently in her senior year at East Bay Arts High School in Hayward, and is doing an internship at St. Rose Hospital in Hayward in preparation for enrollment in the nursing program at San Mateo Community College. Veronica has been a great asset to Sorensdale Recreation Center and will continue to be an asset to our society. She is very deserving of the Board of Directors’ Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award, and will be eligible for the Volunteer of the Year Award for 2013.