Adult Programs

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Post-Turkeyday Trek

Bring a cup of coffee for a pleasant, post-Turkeyday walk along the marsh. The wind is usually calm, the birds are busy feeding and flying. We'll walk through parts of the shoreline not usually open to the public and discuss the different habitats and residents of this amazing place.
Date Day Time Location Age Instructor Cost Barcode
Nov 30 Sat 9:00 AM-
11:00 AM
HSIC 18 yr+ Cardosi $7 11331

Bird Walks

The Hayward Shoreline and the San Francisco Bay are home to over 124 species of birds during the fall and winter migration. As a crucial stop on the Pacific Flyway, the Bay and surrounding salt marshes are perfect for birding whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Proud as a Peacock

As we head out from the first parking lot at Coyote Hills today, we will look for one of our favorites: the great egret. During the breeding season these birds dramatically raise their wispy feathers making them look a bit like a peacock. There is a $5 parking lot fee.
 Date  Day  Time  Location  Age  Instructor Cost  Barcode 
Nov 9 Sat 9:30 AM-
12:30 PM
HSIC 12yr+
$5 11349

Young Bloods

There are many immature birds making their way in the world independent of their parents now, and none are more fun to look at than raptors. We might see over five species of young hunters at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve on our walk. Meet at the parking lot at Arden Road and Clawiter Avenue.
 Date  Day  Time  Location  Age  Instructor Cost  Barcode 
Nov 23 Sat 10:00 AM-
1:00 PM
HSIC 12yr+
$5 11350

You Just Never Know

We meet at the Interpretive Center today for our hike, and as we bird we just never know what unique species might be seen. This time last year, for example, we saw an Eurasian Wigeon, and birder excitement ensued!
 Date  Day  Time  Location  Age  Instructor Cost  Barcode 
Dec 14 Sat 9:30 AM-
12:30 PM
HSIC 12yr+
$5 11351

Bird Photography Field Trip to Central Valley

Our annual bird walk to the Cosumnes River Preserve Visitor Center, northwest of Lodi, is not a trip to miss with Naturalists Tony Iwane and Ann Graham to guide the way! Along with Sandhill Cranes, we will relish the late afternoon fly-in of thousands of waterfowl. We are partnering with PhotoCentral to add a photographic component to this year's excursion. Frederick Watkins will come along to provide insight and maximize your photographs of this special event. You must pre-register to attend.
 Date  Day  Time  Location  Age  Instructor Cost  Barcode 
Jan 11 Sat 1:00 PM-
6:00 PM
HSIC 12 yr+
$30 12186

On the Lookout for Petty Pilferers

This time of year, coots swim in large gregarious groups, but did you know that they are kleptoparasitic? If inclined they will steal food from other birds. We will start at the Interpretive Center and look for these thieves of the marsh. We will be on the lookout for other birds like common gallinules, egrets and willets too.
 Date  Day  Time  Location  Age  Instructor Cost  Barcode 
Jan 19 Sun 10:00 AM-
1:00 PM
HSIC 12 yr+
$5 12187

Long Live the King

Meet at the West Winton trailhead where we will look for the king of wintering songbirds: the golden-crowned sparrow. With King Tides upon us it is only natural that we search for a group of golden-crowned sparrows known as a "reign." We will also look for red-winged blackbirds, western meadowlarks and flocks of sandpipers.
 Date  Day  Time  Location  Age  Instructor Cost  Barcode 
Feb 9 Sun 8:30 AM-
11:30 AM
W. Winton
12 yr+
$5 12188

Make Sure to Eat Your Wheaties

Today we look for Spoonies. Even though it seems like you might want to bring your cereal with you, a Spoony is the common name for a duck called a northern shoveler. Meet at the Grant Ave. trailhead to go looking for these great dabblers.
 Date  Day  Time  Location  Age  Instructor Cost  Barcode 
Mar 1 Sun 9:00 AM-
12:00 PM
Grant Ave. 12 yr+
$5 12189

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