The Hayward Area Shoreline Planning Agency (HASPA) was established in 1970. HASPA is a joint powers agency of representatives from the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District, East Bay Regional Park District, and the City of Hayward. The primary purpose of HASPA, with the support of the Hayward Area Shoreline Citizens Advisory Committee (HASCAC), is to coordinate agency planning activities and adopt and carry out policies for the improvement of the Hayward Shoreline for future generations. Through the efforts of HASPA and its member agencies, over 3,150 acres have been purchased for public ownership, preserved, restored, or are in the process of being returned to wetlands, marshes and protected uplands.

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Grant-funded Shoreline Master Plan

HASPA conducted a sea level rise study in 2010 that identified the development of the Shoreline Master Plan as a next step.  In 2016, the  member agencies agreed to renew the HASPA Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement through January 1, 2021, to prepare a comprehensive statement of planning policy for the Hayward shoreline.  The Hayward shoreline is vulnerable to inundation by sea level rise that could impact critical infrastructure, such as a wastewater facility, the eastern approach to the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, landfills, the San Francisco Bay Trail, the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center, business parks, residential neighborhoods, marshes, and managed ponds.

Staff from the three member agencies successfully collaborated on a Senate Bill I Grant from Caltrans for $509,000 to develop the Shoreline Master Plan  This project will provide a suite of mitigation actions and policy recommendations to improve the agencies' capacity to plan for, prepare for, mitigate against and adapt to sea level rise.

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