School Programs

Let Sulphur Creek help you share the wild and wooly world of native wildlife with your students as they learn about this unique and diverse land known as the San Francisco Bay Area. Our interactive programs with live animals are designed to conform to California State standards as they draw students into the lives and habitats of the animals that live around our area.  

All listed programs can be performed at Sulphur Creek or at your location unless otherwise noted.  Outreach Only indicates we can only perform this program at your location.  Inhouse Only indicates we can only perform this program at Sulphur Creek.

Reservation Procedure


Booking Schedule:
September 1st: booking opens for January-May of next calendar year.
January 1st: booking opens for June-August of current year.
May 1st: booking opens for September-December of current year.

For pricing and booking information fill out Program Request Form, or call (510) 881-6747 to speak with a naturalist at Sulphur Creek. Call at least one month prior to your intended program date. Preparation materials will be sent to teachers after reservations are made. All programs are one hour unless otherwise noted.

Sulphur Creek's standard driving range is mapped below, if you are requesting a visit to outside of these cities, please contact us for booking possibilities.  Travel fees apply for any facility 5 or more miles from Sulphur Creek.

Animal Discoveries (Pre-school) 

Discover the wonder of animals, both wild and domestic, in a lighthearted, intimate setting. Observe, discuss, and touch a variety of safe, friendly animals as you learn to respect their differences.  This program has a 30 minute or 1 hour option.

Avian Antics (Grades K - 6)

Birds are some of the most observable wildlife. Get a close up look at what makes them unique. With the use of artifacts and live examples, you will investigate birds from A to Z including special adaptations, nest building and how they fly.

Backyard Bugs (Grades K - 6, Outreach Only)

Explore the world of arthropods through this engaging, hands-on presentation that comes directly to your classroom.   Students will learn how to classify and observe life cycles of arachnids, myriapods, insects, and crustaceans.

Bats in Focus (Grades K - 6)* 

What’s it like to be the only mammal that flies? How do you “see” with your ears? How do you scream so that no one hears? Explore the world from a bat’s point of view and understand how these unique creatures benefit us all. *Premium program.

Birds of Prey (Grades 3 - 6)* 

Birds of Prey include: hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. Meet these birds and see firsthand their amazing tools (beaks, eyes, talons, etc.) that allow them to be expert hunters.  *Premium program.

Hooray for Herps! A Closer Look at Amphibians and Reptiles (Grades K - 6) 

Meet our resident reptiles and amphibians and learn about their natural history and ecology. Discuss life cycles, predators and prey, habitats, locomotion, and defense mechanisms. Local species are available for handling.

Local Wildlife Tour (Grades 3 - 6)

Tour Sulphur Creek and get close to the California wildlife that roams our creeks, hills, and forests. Become familiar with the opossum, coyote, hawk, raven, snake, toad, and more! Learn about their adaptations through discussion, observation, and interaction. Discover what habitat requirements animals need in order to survive on their own.

Mammal Menagerie (Grades K - 6) 

What do coyotes, whales, bats, and people have in common? Learn all about this amazing group of animals and how they have adapted to live in every environment. Discover their tremendous diversity, communication strategies, brain development, and sensory adaptations.

Owls on the Prowl (Grades K - 6)* 

Can you catch 100 mice a night? Owls can! Come learn about the amazing adaptations, or tools, these birds of prey possess to be such effective hunters. Meet our resident owls and discover how they each can provide for their families in this highly interactive program.   *Premium program.

Walk With the Animals (Grades K - 2) 

Take a walk on the wild side and come face to face with mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Touch fur, feathers, scales, and skin while getting a rare close up look at their similarities and differences. Learn how these animals move, find food, and escape from enemies.

Programs in the Field

The following programs are only offered on site at Sulphur Creek and are only available in the spring to take advantage of the best environmental conditions. There is limited availability, please reserve early. 

Mini-Beast Safari (Grades K - 2, Inhouse Only)

Encounter the smaller side of life with insects, spiders, worms, slugs, and millipedes. Learn where they live, what they eat, and why they are an integral part of the animal world. Collect your own mini-beasts for study and discussion.

This is a 1 hour program held March through June only.

Arthropod Adventures (Grades 3 - 6, Inhouse Only) 

Hundreds of spiders, insects, and other arthropods are found in and around Sulphur Creek. Let your students become field biologists for the day by collecting, examining and classifying arthropods from five different habitats. Through observation and comparison, they will be able to piece together information about habitat preferences, ecology, and the importance of arthropods in the ecosystem.

This is a 2 hour program held March through June only.