Board of Directors

The Hayward Area Recreation & Park District is overseen by an elected five-member Board of Directors, serving the City of Hayward and the unincorporated Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Ashland, Cherryland, and Fairview districts.    
The Board determines the District's policies, rules, regulations, and ordinances. It rules on all matters relative to fiscal expenditures, acquisitions, development, improvement, and maintenance of park and recreation facilities and programs.
They are committed to preserving open space and enhancing the quality of life of the community we serve through parks, recreation programs, learning, and fun!

  1. Carol Pereira

    Carol A. Pereira

    Board President

  1. Rick Hatcher

    Rick Hatcher

    Board Vice-President

  1. Paul Hodges

    Paul W. Hodges Jr.

    Board Secretary

  1. Louis Andrade

    Louis M. Andrade