Fairview Hills

Fairview Pre-K

The preschool program is offered year-round. Registration is done on a monthly basis. The days and times are listed below. For more specific dates, please see the current Recreation Guide.

Ages: 3 years 9 months-5 years
Course Times
9:00 am-12:00 pm

Meet the Instructor-Miss Mary
Mary Feria has been teaching at Fairview Hills Pre-School in Hayward for the past twenty-two years. Ms Mary is in continuous collaboration with Kindergarten Teachers for both public and private sectors of the community; ensuring that the students are developmentally and academically prepared for evaluation. She believes students thrive on creativity, imagination, collaboration, movement, problem solving, transitions, and structured play- all in which contributes to the development of lifelong skills. In addition, Ms. Mary has been State Licensed and Certified since 1993. 

She joined Hayward Area Recreation District in 2006. Ms. Mary graduated from Mt Eden High School and is accredited in Early Childhood Development from Chabot College with a Certificate of Achievement in Administration. Ms. Mary has worked with 4-C 's Community Child Care Coordinating Council from 1988-92 and with a Pre-K program for the YMCA in Hayward from 1984-88 prior to joining the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Program. 

Her Classroom Motto is "Let's listen, learn and play today."