Access for All

Hayward Area Recreation and Park District welcomes and encourages the participation of ALL in our programs and services.   To facilitate opportunities for participants with and without disabilities to engage in recreational offerings together, the District provides Inclusion Services. Successful accommodation requires planning, communication and coordination. Please see below for the general guideline and process.  Please note this process is confidential.   

General Process:

  • Complete the Access For All Application This application is 10 questions and can also be found at: (press the "submit" button upon completion of the survey).
  • When enrolling for a class or activity with H.A.R.D. please answer the custom question:  "Does the participant require any special accommodation or activity modification?"  If yes, please explain.
  • Staff will contact you within 10 business days and review the survey and perform an assessment.
  • Additional Assessment Questions will include the nature of request, participants age, preferred pronouns, communication skills, is there an aid who can assist the participant, are there safety precautions that need to be taken into consideration, does the participant use RCEB services?
  • A School District I.E.P. or any other documentation of the disability is required.
  • For more information on the Access for All Program please see the                     Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ’s 
  • Please note that all participants must adhere to the District’s Code of Conduct.
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