Junior Counselor Program


Junior Counselor Leadership Program 

Attention 14-17 year old teens!  The Junior Counselor Leadership Program is a fun way to spend your summer. We provide teens the opportunity to learn how to work with kids, be a leader and role model, and learn valuable life skills.  Under the guidance of camp staff, Junior Counselors (JC's) help lead and teach a variety of outdoor activities and be positive role models in our young campers lives! 

With just a limited number of spots available, our process for entering this program is as follows: 

  • JC's must have previously attended any HARD summer camp as a camper   
  • Register Online for an interview  
    • Date: April 29, 2023 10-12:15 or 12:45-2:45  
    • This is a group interview that includes physical activity and interview questions.  Please wear appropriate clothing and tennis shoes.  
  • Training & Schedule Sign up - Junior Counselors who pass the interview process will be invited to participate in a mandatory Junior Counselor training which costs $75 and be assigned to a camp location.   After receipt of assignment, JC will schedule and commit to two (2) work weeks in the summer.   (Training dates/itinerary and scheduling will be distributed via email)

This is a volunteer\unpaid position. 

The Junior Counselor Leadership program looks great on resumes and college applications.  At 16 years of age, participants in this program should have the skills needed to apply for one of our paid camp positions. 

 We hope you will consider joining us for a summer of FUN! 

  1. Jennifer Tibbetts

    Recreation Coordinator II - Seniors & Special Interest