May 2023

Chris Tucker has been an invaluable volunteer at Sulphur Creek Nature Center for

12 years, donating 1,592 hours to HARD. Chris predominantly provides care for

resident reptiles and amphibians that includes feeding, cleaning, providing

enrichment and handling for these animals. He helps maintain our feeder insect

enclosures and collects salamanders, tadpoles, and other small animals for our

educational programs.

Chris is a reliable asset as he commits every Thursday and Saturday to us, gives

100% to our museum residents, and is always willing to help with additional

projects. In addition, Chris has become somewhat of an amphibian and small

reptile whisperer due to his attention-to-detail. He is able to recognize any

behavioral changes with them, such as being stressed and struggling in captivity,

they tend to refuse to eat. He is able to help them acclimate to their environment

and get them comfortable with being handled and eating normal once again.

Chris is a wonderful asset to the nature program at HARD. He has proven himself

reliable, hard-working, and an extreme pleasure to work with. We are thankful for his

commitment to us and are happy to recognize him as the May 2023 Volunteer of the Month.

Hayward Area Recreation & Park Distict