Virtual Education Programs

Sulphur Creek's education staff are working to develop fun and engaging virtual programs and field trips.  Learn about our offerings below.
  1. Field Trips
  2. Birthday Parties
  3. Nature Classes
  4. Animal Storytime

School/Group Virtual Field Trips

Have a Sulphur Creek Naturalist join you and your group for a virtual presentation.  Below are the general details and available themes.
Choose from one of our new themes:

Mammals & Amphibians - How could a frog be similar to a coyote, or a toad be like you? Compare and contrast these groups and learn what makes them unique.  Meet one live animal from each group.

Reptiles & Birds - Feathers or Scales?  What do these flying, swimming, walking, and slithering animals have in common? Learn the basics about birds and reptiles and meet an animal from each group.

Newt vs. Lizard -  Is that a newt or a lizard?  Learn more about these two animals that are often confused.  Get an up close look at these little animals that live right in our backyards.

Bug Bites - Learn some basics about arthropods, one small bite at a time. Arthropods include insects, arachnids, myriapods, and crustaceans.  Get an up close view at some of these small but mighty creatures that make up over 80% of ALL living animals.