Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

General Manager’s Message (November 2020)

The Hayward Area Recreation and Park District shares your concern over the spread of respiratory diseases, including Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).  This webpage has been created to provide you updates of how H.A.R.D. is responding during this period.  It will be updated as we have new information to share with you. We will also issue updates on our social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as our electronic newsletters. 

If you have questions about future classes and programs, please visit our website to get the latest information.   If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at

I want to you to know how much you are missed by our Board and staff.  Our agency exists to serve our community, and it’s really a challenge for us not to see you or provide the services and programs that you have grown to enjoy.   The primary focus is to keep you and your family healthy during this time and remember that we will be here and ready to play when this is behind us.

Thank You,

James Wheeler, General Manager

Mission Hills Golf Course is Open as of May 2020

The Mission Hills Golf Course, Driving Range and Toptracer golf services are now open to the public.  Please click here to read the COVID-19 modifications and guidelines for golfing.

Tennis Courts and Pickleball are Open as of May 2020

Tennis and Pickleball Courts are now open to the public.  Please follow these guidelines:
Single play only, No doubles
If all courts are occupied wait outside the facility
Use a face covering at all times when not playing
Maintain social distance of 6 feet   

Dog Parks are Open as of June 2020

A warm welcome back to our canine pals! Humans please follow all social distancing guidelines and please wear a mask.

Lap Swim starts at Arroyo Swim Center as of September 2020

The new Health Order allows for outdoor recreation lap swimming and water walking.  Please click here to read the COVID-19 modification and guidelines for lap swimming and water walking.  Please reserve your time slot by going to and searching for Lap Swim or Water Walking.

Playgrounds are Open as of October 2020.

A warm welcome back to our playgrounds!  Please click here to follow all the state social distancing guidelines regarding playgrounds.  Please wear a mask.

Swim Lessons at Hayward Plunge as of February 2021

Swim lessons have been designated as essential services by the State of California.  To register go to

Trails, Walking Paths and Open Space

Please note that AT ALL PARKS - the following amenities are CLOSED during COVID-19:

  • Basketball Courts
  • Community Centers
  • Picnic Areas
  • Sport Fields
  • Water Fountains

Locations that are currently CLOSED:

  • Edendale Park
  • Fairview Hills Park
  • Sulphur Creek Nature Center

* We have opened the restrooms at all the parks to public.

All other parks and trails are open for use with social distancing rules enforced. This is a fluid list that may change as needed.

Safety Rules and Guidelines

You can help us keep the trails, walking paths and open areas open by cooperating with the statewide shelter-in-place order and park rules.

Before you go out to the Trails, Walking Paths and Open Space

  • Plan ahead. All drinking fountains are closed to stem the spread of COVID-19. Bring water and hand sanitizers.
  • Bring dog leash (6-foot max) and dog poop bags.
  • Plan to do walking, hiking, or biking. No picnicking.
  • Plan to walk with only immediate households. No gatherings or meetup groups.

While at the Trails, Walking Paths and Open Space

  • Park safely and correctly. Do not block driveways, roads, or emergency access. Parking restrictions will be enforced.
  • If you are arriving on foot, and a park or trail is overcrowded, come back at another time when the park or trail is less crowded.
  • Keep a 6-foot distance from other people. Walk solo or with only immediate household members. No groups, gatherings, or meetups.
  • No picnicking.
  • Be aware of high-touch points such as picnic tables and benches, etc. Use gloves or hand sanitizer.
  • Keep dogs on leash at all times.
  • Reminder carry out all trash and all bags of dog poop. Do not leave trash and dog poop bags anywhere. Please keep parks and trails clean and safe for everyone.