East Avenue Camps

Kids at Playground

The urban wilderness is closer than many people realize, and East Avenue Park is proof positive. From upper East Avenue, in the unincorporated Fairview hills above Hayward, green and manicured rolling hills are dotted with trees and picnic tables in the nearly 27-acre park.

Descend into the amphitheater area, and city life seems far behind. Pines, cedars and eucalyptus trees enfold hiking trails, creeks, wooden bridges and steps carved into hillsides in the 140-acre greenbelt.

Emergency Forms

After registration, parents will receive an invitation from ePACT, please make sure we have an accurate email address in your account. All forms need to be completed and uploaded to ePACT prior to the first day of program. If this is not completed, your child may not be allowed to start the program. Child must have reached minimum age by first day of program.

  1. Deborah Hernandez

    Recreation Supervisor
    Phone: 510-856-9100