Volunteer  Opportunities

Why Volunteer

Volunteers have always played an essential role in developing our programs and are extremely valuable in the District's ability to offer programs. There are many benefits to being a volunteer, such as: gaining valuable work experience, exploring new careers, earning academic credit, learning a new skill, meeting new friends, helping others in need, and having fun!   We are looking for volunteers to help in our Senior Programs, Special Needs Program, Nature Programs and more.

Getting Involved

Step 1

Contact Volunteer Services to see if any specific needs or opportunities are available or visit this website to sign up on our Volunteer Interest List.

Step 2 

After you have been interviewed and selected to volunteer, you will be asked to submit a volunteer application.  Long-term and ongoing volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application, those over the age of 18 must also complete a background and fingerprint check and those who will work with food or children must provide a clear TB test result.

Step 3 

You are now volunteering and making a huge difference in your community.

V.I.P.  - Volunteers In Parks

H.A.R.D. has parks that need TLC!  Join us and be a V.I.P.!

H.A.R.D. provides tools, leadership, snacks, and the satisfaction of knowing you are a V.I.P.   Work includes litter picking up, pulling weeds, spreading mulch, and more.  Events are normally scheduled 9:30 am-12:00 pm (dates and locations subject to change).  We ask volunteers to wear sturdy shoes, wear a sun hat or sunscreen, bring bottled water, and gloves, and that parents or guardians accompany youth and sign waiver.

Sign up to be a V.I.P. today!

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