A.R.T., Inc. Members' Exhibition: New Beginnings


New Beginnings: A.R.T., Inc. Members’ Exhibition
Exhibit Dates: January 26–March 9, 2019
Opening Reception: January 26, 2019  | 1pm-3pm
All are invited! The event is free and open to the public.

Exhibit Hours: Thursday through Saturday, 11am–3pm during exhibit and by appointment by calling (510) 881-6735

Location: Adobe Art Gallery, 20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

Exhibiting Artists
Hollie Adamic, Hetal Anjaria, Daniela Asar, Kay Athos, Rosa Bazzani, Shari Benson, Carol Jones Brown, Nick Calarco, Valerie Caveglia, Stella Chen, Lee Daguman, Susan Deming, Molly Dolly, Patricia Doyne, Raymundo Enriquez, Sheila Fimreite, Anna Fisher, Marley "Arbuela" Fuentas, Richard Geiger, Paula Greer, Seema Gupta, Kathleen Hardwig, Mercie Harris, Maggie Ho, Pamela Holloway, Susan Howell, Kin Hsieh, Christina Huang, Mary Hynes, Natalie Juntz, Niambi Kee, Kathleen Kelly, Anna Kim, Ellen King, Larry Lagin, Bev Lindsay, Arentino Lucero, Hilary Lui, Ann Maloney-Mason, Ras Manneh, Ethel Whitfield Morgan, Al Murdach, Anne Nichandros, Marcia OKane, Edward Ortman, Livia Radu, John Ries, Kathy Ries, Lisa Rigge, Ron Rigge, William Sala, Christa Schanda, Sarah Schneider, Madeline Shelby, Lynne Shephard, Winda Shimizu, Rita Sklar, Valerie Snart, Nan Soldahl, Stanley Stadelman, Radha Syed, Ruey Lin Syrop, Gerald Thompson, Jill Thompson, Winifred Thompson, Renea Turner, Ain Veske and Chi-Hsuan Yang.

Thank you to Edwin Bertolet for selecting awards.

Merit Awards $100

  • Natalie Juntz, My Red Trees, oil on canvas, 2003
  • Rita Sklar, Mother Love Zebras, watercolor, 2005
  • Nan Solahl, Mosaic, 2019, watercolor
  • Holli Adamic, Table for Two, 2018, photography
  • Rosa Bazzani, Morning Mist, 2018, photography

Honorable Mentions

  • Edward Ortman, Spring Hills Cows, 2018, oil
  • Gerry Thompson, Ghost Ranch, 2018, oil
  • Bev Lindsay, Fraternal, 2018, acrylic
  • Lisa Rigge, Weaving Room, 2005, solar plate photo etching
  • Madeline Shelby, Waiting to Move, 2018, watercolor
  • Radha Syed, Tree of Life, 2015, impasto oil painting
  • Paula Greer, Is it Friday Yet?, 2018, colored pencil on suede mat board
  • Anna Fisher, Keep Call, Pitch Hard, 2017, acrylic

Eupha Thompson Award $250

  • Maggie Ho, Niagra Falls, 2018, Chinese ink on rice paper