March 2018

Allen McKinney

Allen McKinney has been volunteering with PhotoCentral for the past 5 years and brings over 40 years of professional design experience to our program. He single handedly  printed the Bill Owens’ “Cars”  exhibit consisting of over 100 images and created a sale poster of the show.  He provides private lessons in fine art digital design and printing.  He offers FREE 1 hour introductions and tutorials to our digital lab which helps increase its use (over 6 just this month).  He has built multiple digital print profiles which our patrons use over and over again to print digital images.  He is currently managing and maintaining one of our 44 x 60 large format printers.  This is an extremely valuable resource since the closing of Keeble and Shuchat who we had our maintenance contract with. Allen has spent well over $8,000 of his own money buying inks for our large format printer3.  He also designed our smaller darkroom and made it a premier Carbon Printing darkroom.  He sourced, purchased, donated and installed an “Olite Printing Exposure Unit” essential for the Carbon Printing Workshops and made it so PhotoCentral could host its first Artist in Residence Vaughn Hutchins.  Over the past five years Allen has donated over $8,000 worth of product and over 3,000 hours of his time to the success of PhotoCentral’s gallery and instruction programs.

Hayward Area Recreation & Park Distict