Scout Programs

Educational Scout Programs at the SCNC

Scout programs are one hour in length and performed at Sulphur Creek Nature Center.  For reservations or special requests for offsite scout programs call (510) 881-6747 10am-5pm; seven days a week. Call at least one month prior to your intended program date. 

Pricing: $87.50 fee for the first 15 scouts ($70 for district residents).  Additional scouts and/or siblings are charged at $5 per child.  (No fee for adult chaperones or children under 3.)

Option: Add on a nature walk to any scout program for an additional $35 flat fee.

Please fill out our Program Request Form if you're interested in a Scout Program.

Nature’s Recyclers

Find out about the problems our planet is currently facing. What impact have human actions had on the earth?  What are some of the things that we can do to help reduce our impact on the planet’s resources? Meet three animals like a turkey vulture, opossum, or cockroach and how they taught us how to recycle. Find out how these animals have adapted to live their lives so close to humans and how they themselves help to clean up the environment.

coiled snake
Venomous vs. Poisonous

Learn the differences between venomous and poisonous animals. Discover what plants and animals that live around us are venomous or poisonous. Learn the different types of warning signs that organisms give to show they are dangerous. Meet a snake, a tarantula, and an amphibian, and discuss the different ways that they defend themselves.

Rehab Spotlight

tiger_salamanderSulphur Creek is one of the few wildlife rehabilitation centers in the East Bay.  Learn about Sulphur Creek's mission to help injured, orphaned, and sick animals that are native to California. Learn the difference between native and non-native as well as wild and domestic animals. Meet some of our non-releasable wild resident animals and learn about their special stories and why they have to stay in captivity.  Speak with a naturalist about animals available for this special customizable* program.

*Animal availability is subject to change due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances relating to the animals' health.