Saltmarsh Wonders

This program introduces students to what a saltmarsh is; the diversity and abundance of plants and animals in saltwater wetlands. Characteristics of and interrelationships among saltmarsh inhabitants will be included.

Students will:
  • Discover plant adaptations to salt water;
  • Observe signs of animal life in the marsh;
  • Explore channel water to discover aquatic plants and animals;
  • Search for invertebrate animals who live in the marsh;
  • Observe saltmarsh wildlife
Grade Level
The grade level of the Saltmarsh Wonders program is second through fourth grade.

Subject Areas
  • Environmental Science
  • Language Arts
  • Life Science
The program lasts 2 hours.

The program takes place on the channel and on the trail.

  • Observing
  • Classifying
  • Recording (optional)
  • Communicating
  • Discussing
  • Inferring