40th Area Artists' Annual Exhibition: Meaning Through Making

40th Area Artists' Annual Exhibition: Meaning Through Making

Exhibition Dates: 
September 23–November 11, 2017

Gallery Hours: 
Thursday through Saturday, 11am – 3pm

 Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

Artists Reception:
September 23, 2017 | 1pm-3pm. All are invited! The event is free and open to the public. Awards will be announced at 1:45pm.

Juror Christine Koppes, Assistant Curator at the Bedford Gallery, had the extremely challenging task of selecting 50 works of art for exhibition from the 131 high-quality pieces submitted.

Congratulations Artists!!!

Exhibiting Artists:
Hollie Adamic, Jonathan Barber, Tanna Bellia, Shari Benson, Louis Bodas, Nick Calarco, Susan Chung, Debra Collins, Susan Deming, Philip Denst, Anthony Michael Diaz, Patricia Doyne, Ulysses Duterte, Kim Gabel, Phillip Garbutt, Jamila Harris, Mercie Harris, Glenn Hemanes, Juanita Hemanes, Susan Howell, Vaughn Hutchins, Geir Jordahl, Natalie Juntz, Niambi Kee, M. Kathleen Kelly, Elizabeth Kennen, Sally Lampi, Nicole Leming, Carol J. Marlin, Ray McGinnis, Edward Ortman, Kathy Ries, Lynne Shephard, Kevin Street, Ruey Lun Syrop, Susan Taira, Gerald Thompson, Renea Turner, Doyle Wegner, Grace Yun

Important Dates
Artists may pick up unsold work on November 11 from 3-5pm and November 13 from 10-12pm.

About the Juror
Christine Koppes has assisted in organizing and curating a number of exhibitions as Assistant to the Curator at the Bedford Gallery. She has worked on a wide range of contemporary art exhibitions, including those that have traveled nationally such as BLOW UP: Inflatable Contemporary Art and Cut Up/Cut Out. Koppes also assists with the City of Walnut Creek’s Public Art Program and organizes the annual Craft Fest event at the Bedford Gallery.

Prior to the Bedford Gallery, Christine Koppes worked for the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, CA. Koppes studied at New York University and University of California, Berkeley where she earned a BA in Art History.