Citizens’ Oversight Committee

Establishment of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee

The Hayward Area Recreation & Park District Board of Directors has established an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee to review the expenditure of the Measure F1 bond proceeds.

Committee Responsibilities

In accordance with Board-approved Bylaws, the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee shall:
  • Inform the public concerning the District's expenditure of bond proceeds of Measure F1.
  • Review expenditure reports produced by the District to ensure that Measure F1 bond proceeds were expended only for the purposes set forth in Measure F1; and
  • Present to the Board in public session, an annual written report outlining their activities and conclusions regarding the expenditure of bond proceeds of Measure F1.
  • The Bylaws which govern the Citizens’ Oversight Committee are attached to this Application.

Appointment of Committee Members

All appointments will be made by the Board from applications submitted to the District. The Committee shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Board from a list of candidates submitting written applications.  Application available here.

Time Commitment and Term

Appointments to the Committee shall be for a two-year term and Members may be reappointed to as many successive terms as the Board of Directors shall determine. At the Committee’s first meeting, members will draw lots or otherwise select a minimum of two members to serve for an initial one (1) year term and the remaining members for an initial two (2) year term. The Bond Oversight Committee will meet at least once a year, but no more frequently than quarterly.