Measure F1

Measure F1 Hayward Area Recreation and Park District's Safe, Clean and Local Parks Measure will be on the November 8th ballot. 

If voters pass Measure F1 in November, the District will be able to make much needed repairs and modernize to HARD parks and facilities. Some examples include:

Kennedy Park-Master Plan

Kennedy Park Master Plan

San Lorenzo Community Park-Master Plan

San Lorenzo Master Plan

Valley View Park
              Concept A                                                                               Concept B

Valley View Park Concept A
Valley View Park Concept B

Via Toledo Neighborhood Park-Master Plan

Via Toledo Neighboorhood Park Master Plan

Weekes Community Park-Master Plan

Weekes Community Park Master Plan

Mia's Dream Come True

Mias Dream Schematic_Page_1
Mias Dream Schematic_Page_2
 Please review the information and feel free to contact Kerrilyn Ely if you have further questions or wish additional information at 510-881-6704.