Gifts for Local Wildlife

Join the folks at Sulphur Creek by making this a season for the animals. Once again the Giving Tree will grace our Discovery Center with ornaments hung from every limb with requests for essential items needed to continue our daily operations. Your gift can help to save a baby squirrel, dozens of ducklings or even an orphaned barn owl. Most of the items needed can be found in a local general or grocery store.

Baby Squirrels
To help with our Giving Tree, you can take one or two of the ornaments and purchase the listed item to put under the tree. When you bring an item in, put your name on the ornament so it can be hung on our donor wall. Every gift makes a difference and helps us to better care for the over 900 sick, injured and orphaned animals that come to Sulphur Creek each year.

See our wish list at the bottom of the page for items being requested for donation.

Amazon Wish List

Looking for an easy and fast way to donate?  Check out our Amazon Wish List, select an item and have it shipped directly to Sulphur Creek.

Monetary Donations

Funds donated go to helping to feed and care both our resident animals and sick or injured wildlife.  To make a tax deductible donation please print and mail in or drop off the Donation Form with your donation.

Screech Owl

Adopt a Wild Resident

You can adopt one of our wild residents! Your donation will help fund the care and feeding of our residents. Proceeds help provide habitat improvements, enclosure repair and maintenance and enrichment materials. Adoptive parents will have their name placed on our "Adoptive Parents Wall" plaque and receive a 5-by-7 inch photograph of their adoptee, a Certificate of Appreciation, and an information sheet about their adoptee. An animal adoption also makes a great gift!

The annual adoption fee is $85. The application form and list of animals available to adopt are available online.

Owl Cam Owl


Tiny Tickets

Turn in your old BART tickets with just a few cents left: 15, 30, 40, 85. All those pennies add up to help care for the over 700 injured, sick, and orphaned wild animals that we take in each year. Please drop your tickets off at the naturalist desk, or mail them to Sulphur Creek.


Save the planet and feed our wild animals. Sulphur Creek is collecting aluminum cans and used ink cartridges from home printers. All brands accepted except Epson. For every good cartridge turned in, we receive between $1 and $3. All proceeds go to the care of our animals. Recycling to help animals makes for great group projects.  Cans and cartridges may be dropped off at Sulphur Creek Nature Center.

Wish List

The following items would be greatly appreciated to help stretch our animal care and education budgets. If you are able to help with any of these items, please call our animal care or education staff at 510-881-6747. Items include:
  • **Cans of Dog Food**                 For opossums, raccoons, and resident animals.
  • **Paper Lunch Bags - size 6** - For weighing baby animals.
  • Boxes of facial tissue               For lining baby bird nests.
  • Jars of stage one baby food: apricot, beaches, chicken or beef. For feeding baby opossums.
  • Walnuts in the shell.  For baby squirrels to learn how to forage for food.
  • KMR Powder 12 oz (no liquid). For feeding baby raccoons and skunks.
  • Esbilac Powder 12 oz (no liquid). For feeding baby squirrels and opossums.
  • Heating pads with temperature control (no automatic shutoff).  For animal care.
  • Flannel pillowcases.                  To keep baby mammals warm.
  • 13-gallon and 45-gallon trash bags. For general housekeeping.
  • Gallon, quart, and sandwich sized Zip-Lock bags.               For frozen food storage.
  • **Reams of 20-lb. white copy paper**   For office use and for educational projects.
  • **Grocery store gift cards**          To purchase produce needed to feed the animals.
  • Hardware store gift cards.           To purchase supplies for animal enclosure improvements.
  • Office supply store gift cards.     To purchase supplies needed for fundraising.
  • All leather welding gloves.           Size small or medium.  To hold raccoons and large raptors.     
  • All leather garden gloves.            Size small or medium.  To hold small injured mammals.    
  • Kitchen shears/scissors.         For preparing animal diets.
  • Hose nozzles.                           For cleaning outdoor animal enclosures.
  • Ground regular coffee.                 For keeping staff and volunteers awake.
  • Hot Cocoa.                                 For keeping staff and volunteers warm.
Office Supplies
For fundraising, record keeping etc.

White envelopes #10 letter size 4-1/8"x9-1/2"
White envelopes - invitation size: 4-3/8"x5-3/4"
Vis-a-vis wet erase markers.
Pens - black or blue.
Correction Tape.
Manila envelopes: 6"x9", and 9-1/2"x12-1/2".
Mailing label sheets - 2-5/8"x1"
File Folders
Masking Tape

Educational Craft Supplies
For the thousands of children who come to our programs.

Crayola 8-color washable watercolor paint kit
Crayola washable markers
Scotch tape on a roll.
Masking Tape
White cardstock paper 8-1/2"x11"
Construction paper (all colors)
Wooden Clothespins
Pipe cleaners - all colors
Glue Dots
Elmer's Glue